Breaking News : First-choice pair for Jürgen Klopp have been eclipsed as Liverpool transfer truth is revealed

Jürgen Klopp have been eclipsed as Liverpool transfer truth is revealed

Liverpool’s defensive shortcomings have received a lot of attention so far in preseason.

Despite the 15 goals that have been scored, many more goals have been given up. Jürgen Klopp’s team has let up 10

goals in just four games.

There have undoubtedly been some worrying times. Liverpool was too easily penetrated by Bayern Munich, and Jol Matip had trouble escaping the high defensive line in time.



Jürgen Klopp’s transfer options are about to become even more constrained as the situation at Liverpool persists.

In all honesty, though, VAR might have overturned Bayern’s first two goals on another day because it was

questionable whether or not they were onside.

Liverpool was undoubtedly lot more stable and compact defensively against Leicester, despite playing considerably

weaker opposition.

A bit of a nightmare, Greuther Fürth saw Liverpool give up a staggering four goals in the second half.

Karlsruher only allowed two goals to be scored, with Matip again being somewhat unprepared for the second goal

while Liverpool had little control over the first.

However, there is a slight caveat for Liverpool with the 10 goals allowed given their nature. The vast majority of them

were given up while Klopp’s improvised backline was on the field. That was the situation against Bayern for the final

two goals, and it was the same against Greuther Fürth for all four goals.

Together, while the two of them have both been on the field, Liverpool has only given up a single goal thus far this

summer, and even that was a bit of an anomaly with Karlsruher’s Lars Stindl scoring a magnificent goal from a well-

worked set-piece that was virtually difficult to defend against.

The other depth-related flaws in the squad have overshadowed how effective they have been individually and as a

team. It is obvious that Liverpool needs to fix that issue this summer.

However, there is nothing to be concerned about in terms of Klopp’s initial selections. They have continued to be

trustworthy and dependable. Particularly Van Dijk, who gave a classic effort against Bayern and looked classy.


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