Rangers: discusses the circumstances behind Michael Beale’s dismissal at Ibrox.

Michael Beale dismissal
Michael Beale

Connor Goldson of the Rangers discusses the circumstances behind Michael Beale’s dismissal at Ibrox.

Michael Beale dismissal
Michael Beale

The club’s decision to fire Michael Beale last week was made in part, according to Rangers defender Connor Goldson, because of him and his teammates.


After managing the team for 10 months, the Gers let Beale go on Sunday, 1 October. Steven Davis will take over as interim manager until a permanent replacement is found.

Beale paid the price for a poor run of results, but Goldson – a regular under his fellow Englishman – accepts the decision was ultimately down to the performances of the players

Beale was punished for a string of unsuccessful games, although Goldson, a regular under his fellow Englishman, acknowledges that the players’ performances ultimately determined the outcome.

It falls under that category. We are at fault. The Irish News (7 October) quotes him as saying, “We are not performing on the football field.


“The manager certainly accepted responsibility for that and was fired.


“We need to take a seat and examine ourselves as a team and as individuals. Are you doing everything in your power to improve this club?

“At this football club, you don’t pick up results; it’s a hard environment to play. We must immediately turn things around because if you do get success, it is the best spot to play.

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“We communicate frequently. But enough talking is already taking place. On that field, we must begin acting more effectively as a team.

Michael Beale sacked

What more is Goldson supposed to say, in the end? His remarks could be interpreted as the defender being forthright and honest.

Individuals’ performances were obviously inadequate, but Beale was not entirely blameless for his choices.


With the Gers’ persistent dismal play and their midweek Europa League loss to Aris Limassol, it is evident that the interim manager change has not resulted in an immediate improvement.

Let’s only hope that the next man in charge, whoever he may be, is able to get these players clicking once more. The board has had a week to consider their alternatives.

If not, the head coach will once again be forced to walk away from his position because an entire team of players with contracts cannot be fired.





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