Deal Done: Finally Manchester City have accept to Loan out one of thier best midfielder to Leeds United…………..

Since moving to Manchester City, Leeds native Kalvin Phillips has drawn criticism, but Whites supporters have backed their beloved indigenous player.

This week, Kalvin Phillips, a former Leeds United player, overcame Manchester City’s woes and transfer rumors to speak politely with a young England supporter.

The midfielder has had a difficult time finding playing time at the Etihad Stadium since joining Pep Guardiola’s team in 2022 after leaving Elland Road. The Leeds youngster has been linked to moves away from the treble winners to teams like Newcastle United and Everton this week.

Despite the media craze around his career, it’s obvious that the 27-year-old’s classy mentality hasn’t been damaged when a clip of the player during England camp goes viral.

Phillips stops the action in the video to greet kids from the Football Beyond Borders organization and sign a few autographs. The midfielder’s blue England training uniform catches the attention of a cheeky chappy, who then inquires, “Do you have something under?”

When Phillips realizes what the child is after, he smirks and teasesly asks, “Why are you asking?” before the brash young football fan challenges the former White man to a game of rock, paper, scissors to see who can come out on top. Despite accepting the challenge and winning the game with a wide grin, Phillips nevertheless takes off his shirt and gives it to the other person.

Hundreds of thousands of football fans saw it online, and many took the time to thank Phillips for cheering up the supporter. A Leeds United fan said: “Such a lovely person, I guess this is why we Leeds fans take it a little personally when others go in on him. Yes, he is in a difficult situation at City and has to find a new job where his skills will be valued.

He is a good young man, and I wish him the absolute best in his profession before he returns to Leeds, another person said. You certainly brightened that young man’s day, and he will never forget it. Fantastic.”

I hope this young man succeeds at City, but even if he doesn’t, I hope he succeeds elsewhere, said one X user. a person of the highest caliber. He is a true jewel, as I have seen firsthand.

Despite his difficulties at the club level, Phillips has remained in the England team and earned Gareth Southgate’s trust. The star has been a constant in the squad for the Euro 2024 qualifying matches after competing at the World Cup in Qatar the previous year.

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