Rodri recently explained to Mohamed Salah why he must remain at Liverpool in light of the Saudi Arabia transfer ruling.

The former Liverpool captain has had a rocky start in Saudi Arabia, albeit only he will know if he truly regrets the move at this point. Gareth Southgate gave him the selection assurances he requested, but the England camp has been unpleasant with jeers from some of his own supporters.

However, the payout will undoubtedly allay any worries. While traveling with England, Henderson at least acknowledged that parts of his comments to The Athletic had been misconstrued and that leaving Liverpool was motivated in large part by financial considerations, but not the only one (Goal).

There’s no doubt that Mohamed Salah will also be offered obscene sums of money. Liverpool lost Henderson and Fabinho to Saudi Arabia over the summer, but this is the transfer that will worry the team the most. During the previous transfer window, Liverpool still had enough cards to turn down significant offers, but as the talisman nears the end of his contract, that situation will change.

In the end, Salah will most likely be permitted to depart next summer if he so chooses. Liverpool would never make him leave on their own volition, but if he doesn’t seem interested in re-signing, it’s difficult to understand why FSG would choose to let him finish out his deal rather than cashing in on a 32-year-old for a sizable price.

Salah must therefore make a decision about what he wants to do. Although it has been portrayed as inevitable, Rodri has stated why it might not be the case.

The Manchester City midfielder was questioned about moving to Saudi Arabia alongside his former teammates Aymeric Laporte and Riyad Mahrez when Spain was away. His harsh remark, as reported by MEN, was, “It is very difficult for me to be attracted to a challenge like Arabia because I have sporting ambitions.”

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Blunt? Perhaps. However, it is challenging to contest Rodri’s assessment as being accurate.

Is Salah willing to admit that, at least at the club level, he has accomplished what he set out to do in the sport? The long and the short of consenting to migrate to Saudi Arabia would basically be that.

Particularly, chances of winning a Ballon d’Or would be lost. Salah is still capable of winning one, but Al-Ittihad is not where he would do so.

He could definitely succeed in Liverpool. It would be a fantastic start for Salah to unseat Rodri’s Manchester City, and it would also give him the chance to eventually raise the Premier League trophy in front of the fans, something that undoubtedly remains on his footballing bucket list.

It would be inaccurate to portray this as a simple choice. Footballers work, and Saudi Arabia offers simpler labor for far higher compensation. Fans shouldn’t always expect every player to be as passionate about the game as they are.

However, no one ever reached the summit of football without also liking it. Rodri demonstrates that at least some players share the sentiment of the vast majority of supporters. If Salah is present at all


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