Deal nearly completed as Manchester City agreed to loan one of their defenders to Everton…….

According to the Mail on Sunday, there have been new questions raised about the proposed purchase of Everton when Farhad Moshiri and 777 Partners ignored the mayor of Liverpool, Steve Rotherham.

On page 95 of its print edition published on Sunday, October 22, the newspaper claimed that the owner of Toffees and the US investment firm had neglected to respond to the mayor’s concerns about the takeover.

Sources told the newspaper that those concerns haven’t been “adequately addressed” after Rotherham wrote to Moshiri seeking assurances that he will continue to support the club while the takeover is processed and that the development will be finished on time after £15 million in public funds were given to the Blues for their Bramley-Moore Dock stadium.

There are growing concerns about whether the takeover will proceed as a result of the worrying news, which appears to come nonstop and is just one thing after another.

Because this is a significant development for the city and will affect so many of the people he represents, the mayor is entirely within his rights to raise those questions.

Given that far more important questions concerning 777 Partners have been raised over the previous few weeks and should be quite simple to resolve, the fact that those concerns haven’t been addressed is pretty disappointing.

Because there is now no proof that the company has the requisite finances and because there are so many unfavorable headlines surfacing, it just seems like the takeover will never be approved by the Premier League.

We can only wait and see what ultimately transpires, but despite the urgent need for answers, it doesn’t appear that the situation will be resolved anytime soon.

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