The Sunderland shortcoming Alex Neil offers the judgment on the victory while targeting Stoke City……

“(We’ve had a run) in terms of the teams we were playing and where we found ourselves with our squad, that fact we had 11 players on the pitch and some had previously had no time together on the pitch, some had maybe spent 45 minutes together,” Neil explained.

“I think it’s clear to you that our team is undergoing significant change. Because you have to win games to advance in the Championship, that frustrates me. I recognize that.

“Our fans have supported us admirably against Southampton, Leicester, and once more today, and I believe they are aware of where the club is at. It can occasionally be upsetting because we naturally want to be higher up the league than we are and you want your club to win every game, be incredibly successful, press on, and be farther up the league.

“However, I believe we need to acknowledge where we are right now and that we do have a lot of promise. For significant stretches today, especially in the first half, I thought we were excellent. After we scored the second goal, I gave the game another consideration and believed we were excellent for a stretch of maybe 15 to 20 minutes and should have won.

Sunderland naturally increased their pressure on us toward the end of the game. Although we had to hang on, I believe they are the games that are easiest to win. You must put

“I thought we were more than a match for them today against a really good side,” the player said.

After Luke McNally’s header gave Sunderland the lead in the first minute of the second half, Neil added that his team had attempted to exploit Sunderland’s lack of height at set pieces.You enter and leave with a genuine sense of satisfaction.

Throughout the game, Daniel Johnson’s delivery infuriated Stoke’s manager, yet it resulted in the game’s winning kick.

“I think that was his first good corner and the ball ends up in the back of the net,” added Neil.

“So, yes, his delivery wasn’t fantastic, but the crucial shot went in.

“What we know about Sunderland—having been there, obviously—is that they have a lot of tiny technical players and they’re very, very excellent. However, naturally, they don’t have tremendous size over the patch, which is why they go zonal.

“We can capitalize if we can isolate someone at the back post, which we did with Luke.”


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