For Lloyd Jones of Charlton Athletic, a clean sheet is a major plus.

For Lloyd Jones of Charlton Athletic, a clean sheet is a major plus.

Charlton Athletic new star
Lloyd Jones

In their 4-0 win over Reading on Saturday, Charlton Athletic kept just their second clean sheet at home all year.


The 28-year-old center back, who left Cambridge United in the summer and was signed on a free transfer, has started every league game for the South Londoners.


The Addicks have kept three shutouts in 2023–24, but up until this past weekend, their last one in SE7 was the 1-0 victory over Orient on the first day of the season.

It feels great to keep it because it’s something we haven’t had much of this season, according to Jones. “We must retain more. We’ve been giving up goals and then relying on our offensive players.


“We are continuing to play in the same formation and style throughout the season. It can be a little challenging when your companions are always shifting. The more you play with someone, the more you learn about their abilities and what they are good at. It is helpful.

“Even though I’d like to be a little bit higher in the league, I’ve loved every minute (of being at Charlton). In the first few games, I had trouble getting going. Although I didn’t feel I was playing poorly, I was aware that I was capable of greater. I’m fit now, and throughout the last few games, I probably felt the best I’ve ever felt. It’s much simpler for me because I’m surrounded by talented athletes.


“We take great delight in keeping as many clean linens as we can. But if we can win a game 4-1 or 3-1, I’ll prefer that over a scoreless draw.

Following a six-game winning streak in League One, Charlton is now ranked 10th.


With the team we have, I anticipate us to be there, as do the fans, according to Jones. There is undoubtedly greater strain (in terms of expectations) than there was in Cambridge. There is weekly pressure to succeed and the stadium speaks for itself.

“I had that during the final 10 games last year because we were so close, but I didn’t have it as much last year. I actually enjoy and absolutely cherish pressure.


“The season started off in a disappointing manner, but I believe we were in most of the games, with the possible exception of perhaps one half at Oxford and Peterborough, where we weren’t at our best.

We have only lost due to individual mistakes. Today (Saturday), we defeated a respectable team with four goals, and they gave us a solid game. Undoubtedly, things are looking up.







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