I want Everton to raise a stink about the awful refereeing at Liverpool because Jurgen Klopp has shown why……………..

I’m still having a hard time accepting the outcome of the derby on Saturday.

History has told us that traveling to Anfield is always going to be challenging. It was never an easy place to travel, even when we were a top side in the 1980s. Whatever the case, you always go there hoping to put up a fight and occasionally get lucky. Calvert-Lewin’s early opportunity gave us a strong start, but Liverpool soon took control of the possession, making it difficult for us to advance the ball.

We had been frustrating Liverpool up to that point, and Sean Dyche’s strategy was succeeding. We were let down because Liverpool appeared more dangerous when they had set-pieces, which has occurred to us several times this season. We were overly simplistic and predictable. James Tarkowski seems to receive every set piece. Although the contact has not been as clean as it was at the beginning of the season, he still wins his headers.

Just before halftime, Ashley Young was dismissed, marking the major turning moment. He demonstrated that these situations affect everyone because he was the most seasoned player on the field. Without a doubt, it reached Ashley Young. His initial ticket was a little soft, but upon closer inspection, it was a yellow. Young realized that if he made another challenge of that nature, the referee would draw attention to it by showing him the card. season.


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