“The next transfer”: Representative claims a £13 million star that Rangers passed on may relocate to England

“The next transfer”: Representative claims a £13 million star that Rangers passed on may relocate to England


Danilo Doekhi, a defender for Union Berlin and a former Rangers target, may soon be making a significant move to Serie A or the English Premier League, according to his agent. 


Danilo Doekhi preferred Union Berlin’s wood-paneled, evocative, vintage stadium to the glaring lights of Ibrox in the summer of 2022. Before he became a free agent, De Gelderlander claims that Rangers made a three-year offer to the captain of Vitesse Arnhem in Glasgow.

Even the most stoic Rangers fan would find it difficult to argue that Doekhi made the wrong decision now that the team is competing on the biggest stage in European football against Napoli and Real Madrid, even though Union’s fairytale story has been somewhat dashed by a dismal run of eight straight losses in all competitions.

The 25-year-old Dutchman, according to Doekhi’s agency, is only now beginning to make a name for himself at the highest level. OneFootball reports that Inter Milan and Napoli, along with several other teams located on the opposite side of Hadrian’s Wall, have already been connected to a £13 million raid.

Rangers could have had Danilo Doekhi

“In the future, he will undoubtedly be able to play in Italy. Seraino Dalgliesh tells Radio CRC, “He would like to,” with Doekhi starting against potential employers as Napoli won the Champions League in a close match in Berlin.

“The next transfer may go to Germany or England, but it may possibly go to Italy. We’ll observe. However, he will undoubtedly play in Italy during his career.

Now a target for Napoli and Inter Milan

In 2024, Rangers will probably need a center-half of their own, even though Doekhi has now outgrown the club’s budget. At thirty years old, Conor Goldson is no longer quite the same imposing force of before, while Ben Davies hasn’t particularly impressed since leaving Liverpool for a fee of £4 million.

In contrast, Rangers have kept two straight clean sheets going into their Europa League match against Sparta Prague on Thursday.






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