Pundit details Southampton’s plans in the wake of an injury blow.

Pundit details Southampton’s plans in the wake of an injury blow.

Jones believes the Saints will be cautious regarding Harwood-Bellis.

Despite Taylor Harwood-Bellis being an important member of the first team, journalist Dean Jones predicts that Southampton won’t take any chances with the injured player. He said this to Give Me Sport.

During the international break, the central defender trained with England’s U21 team, but he had to return because of an injury.


The Saints made this declaration last week, and the talented defender is understandably concerned as they have not yet given a complete update on his injury issue.

This would be a real blow for the Saints who will see him as a key part of their squad and one of the first names on the teamsheet, following his loan switch from Manchester City.

Despite missing much of his 2022–2023 season with the Clarets due to injury, he was a major factor in Burnley’s promotion back to the Premier League.


In light of this, he will want to maintain his fitness for as long as possible, although he may need to take a break.

How has Taylor Harwood-Bellis got on at Southampton this season?

As a recent addition to the team, he was not utilized as a replacement during Sunderland’s 5-0 loss.


It was a baptism of fire for the center back when he began against Leicester City, and that evening’s 4-1 home loss to the Foxes prevented him from having a great game.


Sadly, in the six games he has played, Russell Martin’s team has only been able to maintain a clean sheet once.


Despite receiving a single yellow card, Harwood-Bellis has maintained his composure and developed a positive rapport with Jan Bednarek.

What did Dean Jones say about Taylor Harwood-Bellis’ injury setback at Southampton?

While Jones acknowledges his value to the squad, he thinks Harwood-Bellis won’t be thrust back into action right away.


“Yes, it would be [a blow if he’s out for a long time],” the journalist remarked.

“He’s played a significant role this season and obviously, of all of the things that have gone wrong for Southampton, at least they had the makings of a partnership that was showing real promise.”It’s a major setback for Southampton if he is sidelined for some time because you have players that represent the extremes of youth, experience, and hope there, as well as someone with that kind of background in Bednarek.

“It goes without saying that they need to thoroughly examine him when they return and won’t take any chances with him. However, Southampton would sincerely aim to have him back in the squad as soon as possible.”

Should Southampton rush Taylor Harwood-Bellis back if possible?

They don’t have the money.


The Saints should aim to exercise patience as hamstring strains require serious attention.


While his absence from the squad may have a short-term negative impact on their performance, they won’t want to take a chance on him and have him sidelined for an extended amount of time.


He may assist a side that has to tighten up at the back, so that would be disastrous.


Naturally, the choice of whether to send him back too soon could be removed from their control if it turns out he will be gone for a long while.







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