Fulham and West Ham return to the January target, but the star’s worth increases by £5 million…….L…

Paulo Maia is still a target for Premier League rivals West Ham United and Fulham, although Sao Paulo has raised the midfielder’s asking price by £5 million in recent months.

That’s the word from one of Brazilian football’s most dependable and informed reporters, Jorge Nicola.

Nicola is a reliable source when it comes to West Ham United’s pursuit of Luizao, the former teammate of Pablo Maia from Sao Paulo. As such, the Hammers are paying close attention to this talented Tricolor player.

Fulham and West Ham square off for Pablo Maia.

Nicola clarifies on his YouTube channel that “West Ham United and Fulham are the two Premier League clubs that are looking for Pablo Maia.”

twenty-one One of Brazil’s best deep-lying midfielders is Maia. not only a superb passer but also a superb ball-winner. Neither Fulham nor West Ham have previously expressed interest. According to reports, both clubs made bids at the beginning of the year.

West Ham made an unsuccessful attempt to sign Maia on loan after Fulham’s £6 million bid was turned down.

Sao Paulo is reportedly open to accepting a knock-down fee, according to recent rumors from Spain, but Nicola maintains that this is untrue.

“I can assure you that the Tricolor has no chance of negotiating Maia’s sale at the (rumored) seven million euros. He started (at Sao Paulo) and is currently on a good run of form. He’s a crucial component of both the build-up and defense defense, says Nicola.

President Julio Casares was once prepared to sell Maia for ten million euros. This was earlier in the year. Still, no more. Seeing as how Maia has the potential to be a star in European football, Sao Paulo is now asking for roughly 15 million euros.

now valued at £13 million

His “dream is to play in Europe,” as Maia has already acknowledged. He might serve as Fulham’s long-term replacement for the much sought-after Joao Palhinha, or he might be the player who connects Edson Alvarez and James Ward-Prowse in a revamped West Ham midfield.


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