Breaking News… James Tavernier on Clement’s requests from the Rangers following Sparta’s victory…

James Tavernier, the captain of the Rangers, chatted with TNT Sports after the team defeated Sparta Prague 2-1 at Ibrox.

Here is everything he had to say.

How meaningful was the win?

Getting the three points tonight was crucial. It strengthens our position. There are two games remaining, and we need to try to win the first one by using Limassol at home with home advantage.

In the first part, everything worked for you, and you were in complete control.

Yes, we had excellent football play. It was crucial that the front push forward. Danny gave himself a well-deserved news conference and scored a goal as a result. We’re playing excellent football right now, and we created some pretty good opportunities. In the second half, we were just missing that third goal, and as the game progresses, they put some pressure on us. We obviously gave up the goal that we’re upset about, but overall, I think we played a great game and earned three crucial points.

Is that what the manager wants you to do right away, as soon as the whistle blows?

Yes, that is how he wants us to perform. We can do that for ninety minutes because he wants the team to be stronger and more fit. The youngsters who entered the game demonstrated their importance and persisted in playing the style that the manager has requested. It’s a squad game; everyone will be needed this season, as seen by the performance of the boys that entered the game, who I felt performed incredibly well. I had assumed that Ross would score his first goal, but we’re all really uniting and growing stronger.

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It makes you a very good candidate to be accepted.

Yes, we have two difficult games, with Limassol being a particularly significant one. We are confident that if we play the football we can play at home, we can win the game and improve our chances of going to Betis. That is, of course, our goal.


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