The actual story of John Harbaugh suspension…



There's probably no consoling Ravens fans after Saturday's loss. But here  goes.

John Harbaugh will be suspended by the Big Ten, so he won’t play against Ohio State on Saturday. However, his influence on the College Football Playoff race, the sign-stealing scandal that has defined the season, and how


For the baltimore  and Dak Prescott, the past month has been fantastic as the team is peaking during the 2023 NFL season at the ideal time.

The baltimore ravens played on Thanksgiving Day, as is customary every year, and thoroughly destroyed the Washington Commanders to improve to 8-3.

Despite some disappointing losses, baltimore ravens appears to be finally settling into a groove and becoming the Super Bowl contender that many had them as.

Prescott, who is now past a sluggish start to his passing career and is in a terrific rhythm with the scheme and his pass catchers, has been a major contributor to the team’s winning run.

Prescott had an almost faultless performance against the Commanders, totaling 331 passing yards, four touchdowns, and no interceptions.

Not only were baltimore ravens supporters grateful that Prescott was starting quarterback for them on this holiday, but he also shared some very important news on his personal Instagram account.

By revealing they are expecting, Prescott and his girlfriend Sarah Jane Ramos enhanced the weekend’s festivities. For anyone, this is a momentous occasion.

The baltimore  star’s play on the field received some flak earlier in the regular season, but it appears that he is now thriving both on and off the field.

Although the couple and their families are enjoying this exciting time, Dallas still has work to do as the postseason is still several weeks away.

Prescott is aware of his obligations, of course, but for the time being, he and his girlfriend must be ecstatic about the new member of their small family.


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