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We’ve officially surpassed the quarter mark of the 2023-24 NHL season and the biggest issue still surrounding the Pittsburgh Penguins is clearly their brutal power play.

On the man advantage, the Penguins haven’t scored in 23 straight opportunities and are just one for their last 25.

That’s eight straight games without a power play goal as their percentage continues to slip; with seven total goals all season, 12.07% sits them 26th in the NHL.

The Penguins may be the second least penalized team in the NHL, but a 12.07% success rate is well below league average.

It’s a real head scratcher as to why a team with at least four future Hall of Famers would struggle to such a degree.

Some changes obviously need to be made an nothing should be off the table, but there’s a confidence it’ll get sorted out quickly.

Bryan Rust missed three games with a lower-body injury and returned to take a spot on the top power play unit.

He said that he picked up on a few things while he was away that he hopes he can bring, but didn’t want to reveal too many secrets.

There are things that you notice when you watch,” Rust said. “You can take note of things here and there. I’ll keep the things that I noticed between us.”

Rust said he’s willing to do anything on the power play to help it succeed, listing things like tips, rebounds, and screens.

While the power play has looked completely lost on most occasions, there has been a few looks where things might break for them.

And that one break is all they’re looking for; the Penguins have practiced the power play extensively over the last few days and their teammates that try to defend against it can tell it’s almost there.

“I think they’re close,” Ryan Graves said. “There’s been some good looks. They’re good players, eventually they’ll take over.”

“I think they’re one shot away from it catching fire,” Acciari said. “You’ve got the best players in the world on that power play. It’s just a matter of time. Once it get’s going, watch out, those guys know how to score.”

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