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What the Philadelphia Phillies will do with their remaining offseason is a subject of much conjecture. They could conceivably stick with their roster that has made back-to-back NLCS appearances because they have already achieved their top priority of bringing Aaron Nola back to the team. But since taking over the Phillies, Dave Dombrowski hasn’t done things that way. Rumor has it that they are still looking for rotational outfielders, bullpen support, and additional starting pitchers

One MLB insider believes Philadelphia could be in the running to pull off the big transfer. Philadelphia has also been linked to slugger Juan Soto in the trade market, possibly because of their history of making waves. They have some good news about the Soto sweepstakes if they are interested in doing that, as it appears that negotiations between the San Diego Padres and the New York Yankees have gone down. This is after the Padres demanded an absurd amount that would have drained the Yankees’ farm system of any elite talent.

It will be difficult for San Diego to move him, and the Phillies won’t be interested, if that’s the kind of package they’re hoping to get back for a player who may only be a one-year rental before entering free agency at the end of the season. However, if the market remains sluggish, Philadelphia may be seeking for this opportunity to enter the trade talks in order to get Soto. Though the paused talks with the Yankees might give them some time, there is currently no indication that Dombrowski and his front office have contacted the Padres to find out what kind of package they are hoping to acquire from the Phillies. Anticipate the Soto rumors to intensify during the


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