Good news: Phillies gets boost on new trade………………..

This Blockbuster Trade Proposal Gives The Phillies Greater Power

In this trade scenario, the Philadelphia Phillies would acquire one of the most dangerous hitters in the game in exchange for a player and a top prospect.

With the addition of pitcher Aaron Nola this offseason, the Philadelphia Phillies have already made one major acquisition in free agency, allowing them to maintain their rotation.

Is it time for the Phillies to get back on track once more?


Six fictitious blockbuster trades that would upend the game were assembled by The list included the Phillies.

Large enough for you?

Before the Angels selected him in the first round of the 2009 draft, Trout played high school baseball in Millville, New Jersey. He was born in Vineland, New Jersey. Having won three MVPs, nine Silver Sluggers, and eleven All-Star Game selections during his career, Trout has established himself as one of baseball’s most dangerous players.


Trout’s salary would be moved if the Angels made a trade. At $426.5 million spread over 12 years, his contract still has the largest financial commitment in MLB history. For the remaining seven years, the Phillies would be responsible for paying $37.12 million year through 2030.

The Phillies are taking a gamble on this trade. Trout’s ailments have become a serious concern as he approaches his 32nd season. Due to injuries, Trout has only played 237 games over the previous three seasons and hasn’t played 140 games in a season since 2018. With that past behind them, the Phillies would need to accept it and hope Trout stays healthy.

For their part, the Angels would receive both Castellanos, who is expected to earn $20 million over the next three seasons, and that prospect, in this case outfielder Justin Crawford, who is ranked among baseball’s Top 100 prospects and the son of former MLB star Carl Crawford.



In this scenario, the Phillies would trade one of their best prospects and outfielder Nick Castellanos, who has grown to be a fan favorite, to the Los Angeles Angels in exchange for outfielder Mike Trout, who is a native of the area.

Trout would have to accept the deal because he has a no-trade clause. According to, Trout might only accept a position with the Phillies:

Perhaps only the Phillies could persuade Trout, of Millville, N.J., to agree to a trade. They would keep up their relentless work in the minor league, pair Trout with Bryce Harper—two players headed to Cooperstown who will always have a mental bond because of their nearly simultaneous arrivals—and, maybe, eventually bring Trout back to October (if he’s healthy).

Does the gain outweigh the risk? That’s a question only the Phillies can answer.



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