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About What you need to know from all of Sunday’s action in Week 13 of the 2023 NFL season is broken down by the NFL. Use the links below to catch up on the key conclusions from each game:

Dolphins defense demonstrated that even without Jaelan Phillips, it can succeed. When the Dolphins’ defense was at its best last week and Jaelan Phillips suffered a season-ending injury, it felt like a major setback for a team that was sure to make the playoffs. However, Sunday was a successful first test for Miami’s defense following the Dolphins, as they swiftly collapsed the pocket around quarterback Sam Howell and prevented the game of commanders’ run begins. With a brilliant read of Howell, Andrew Van Ginkel set the tone early. Before the first quarter ended, Miami led 17 to 0. Bradley Chubb assisted Van Ginkel with outside pressure, and Zach Sieler also stepped up inside. With Washington limited to 245 total yards, the Dolphins have now held their opponents to fewer than 300 yards of offense in six consecutive games (and eight of nine overall). This was a complete performance, despite a few mistakes in the second half.

Sam Howell still has trouble with pressure and mistakes. Howell appears to be the clear favorite at this point and should be in the running for the starting quarterback position in Washington at least in 2024. This season, Howell has surprised many by throwing for eighteen touchdowns and running for five more, including two on Sunday. But he needs to reduce the number of sacks and turnovers if he wants to make the proverbial leap as a quarterback the following season. Granted, pass protection for Washington- and, perhaps, its play-calling – has been a major factor in Howell’s league-high 58 sacks, which have cost him close to 400 yards. However, Howell bears some of the responsibility since he won’t let go of the ball until the very last second. Although commendable, it is unsustainable. Howell’s habit of tossing the ball to the opposition is also not good. Howell’s third pick-six in as many games during the opening quarter helped his team dig itself a hole from which they were unable to escape.

The Dolphins’ offense overcame a string of mistakes and outplayed Commanders in short order. The Dolphins entered the game having won two straight and averaging over 400 yards of offense, but neither of those games featured a flawless offensive effort. This season, Miami’s explosive offense has occasionally been stifled by two factors: early pressure and turnovers. On Sunday, neither was a problem against a Commanders defense that was outmatched. Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa connected for a 78-yard touchdown on their third play from scrimmage.

The offense of the Dolphins quickly outperformed Commanders after a run of errors. The Dolphins were coming off two straight victories and an offensive average of over 400 yards, but neither of those victories included a perfect offensive performance. This season, turnovers and early pressure have both occasionally stifled Miami’s explosive offense. Against an outmatched Commanders defense on Sunday, neither was an issue. On their third play from scrimmage, Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa connected for a 78-yard touchdown.

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