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NEW YORK (AP) — Officials said on Monday that a fire in a New York City apartment that was caused by an electric bicycle battery resulted in one death and six injuries.

According to a representative for the Fire Department, the fire broke out in a 10th-floor unit in a Bronx public housing complex at approximately 7 p.m. on Sunday.

According to the spokeswoman, one individual was brought to a hospital with serious injuries and subsequently passed away. According to him, four other people had minor injuries and two more had catastrophic, potentially fatal injuries.

According to department authorities, fire marshals concluded that the lithium ion battery in an e-bike was the source of the incident.

Three weeks prior to the deadly incident, three members of a Brooklyn family had perished in a fire that was attributed to a lithium-ion battery.

In recent years, hundreds of fires in New York City have been connected to the batteries that run electric bikes and scooters. Many of the incidents have been attributed by city officials to off-market cells and chargers, and they have pushed the federal government to tighten rules pertaining to the selling of batteries and e-bikes.

Are We Living in America’s (Dis)United States? In a recent I&I/TIPP poll, the majority say yes.

These days, it appears, it is not enough to simply disagree with someone on a topic or to reject a message; you also need to completely and totally reject the people who are carrying it.

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