Is it possible that this is true?The Green Bay Packers Are Heavily Staked on the Leading Prospect……

Welcome to the debate! Do you think Jordan Love will play another season before signing a contract extension, or have you seen enough?

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Why don’t we put the cart before the horse? We’re going to pose some future-focused queries to you this week, including The Big One that it seems like everyone is pondering.

First question: Should Jordan Love’s contract be extended by the Packers before the 2019–20 season?

Let’s get started: Have we seen enough from Jordan Love to declare him the team’s future long-term starter? It is assumed that a team’s salary cap situation will benefit from a quarterback contract signed sooner rather than later.

Are you prepared to call it now that Love has occupied his thoughts for around five weeks? Is he performing well enough that you want to lock him in, or should you wait to give him a big payment until after the conclusion of the one-year extension he recently signed?

Second question: Who will win the NFC North in the upcoming season? The Packers.

Ever since Sunday, this idea has been circling around in my mind. Relatively speaking, it seems unrealistic to think that the Packers (and Lions) can contend for an NFC North championship this year given how they began the season. However, what about the following year? In my opinion, Green Bay will defeat Detroit in 2024 with a tiny advantage if I were an oddsmaker.

What is the anticipated date of the Packers’ next defeat?

The remaining schedule for Green Bay is as follows:

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