He could coach the Boston Celtics for ……



Since taking over as the Boston Celtics’ head coach, Joe Mazzulla has divided the team’s supporters. “Mazzulla ball,” a new head coach with a unique analytical approach to the game, has been equal parts entertaining and frustrating. The rookie coach had trouble last season adjusting to his new position, or at least the outside influences that came with it.

One of the main complaints from the fan base was how aggressive Mazzulla seemed to be at press conferences. Brief responses. caustic responses. And occasionally, the first Mazzulla experience included heated remarks. But after reflecting over the summer, the head coach now knows what caused him to act that way, and he appears to be much more at ease in his role this year.

In a recent episode of the podcast “The Old Man and the Three,” Mazzulla said to JJ Redick, “The biggest adjustment was that people gave a s— who you were.” “I was just baffled as to why that was something…Now I understand that. I am aware that it does have a distinct kind of platform.Being an introvert and someone who guards their emotions was the hardest adjustment for me.After that, I start managing the facility instead of just hanging around it. I wasn’t quite ready to release all of my emotions.

Over his career, Mike Gorman has witnessed a number of Celtics coaches come and go. Heck, in his 43 years of calling the games, he’s witnessed nearly everything. This season, Mazzulla has shown significant growth, according to the veteran announcer, who recently made an appearance on the podcast “Green With Envy.”

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