The Chicago White Sox have just had the worst nightmare comes……

Max Stassi, an experienced catcher, was acquired by the Chicago White Sox on Saturday afternoon via a trade with the Atlanta Braves. He ought to be Korey Lee’s tutor, the young catcher.

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In the midst of Shohei Ohtani’s signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday, the Chicago White Sox and Atlanta Braves made a trade deal that caught everyone’s attention.
In return for an unnamed player, the Sox received cash and seasoned catcher Max Stassi. The day before, Stassi had just been acquired from the Los Angeles Angels.

According to White Sox social media reporter Daryl Van Schouwen:
In 2024, Stassi will owing $7 million, the Braves will likely pay the majority of that amount.

With the Astros and Angels, the 32-year-old backstop has spent ten years in the major leagues. In the 2017 season, he had a part in the Astros winning the World Series.

After missing all of 2023’s games due to a hip ailment and a family issue, Stassi was sidelined entirely. In 2024, he will make a lifetime comeback.41 career home runs for a 212 batter.
Stassi should be able to take use of this. Stassi should have some innings available behind the plate in 2024 as the White Sox do not appear to be in contention. Additionally, Stassi’s experience can benefit the White Sox’s young pitching staff and he can educate young catcher Korey Lee, a former top prospect that Chicago acquired last year around the trade deadline.

Yasmani Grandal, a catcher with Chicago, left in free agency.
In 2021, Stassi achieved his highest level of at-bat productivity with 13 home runs. In 2022, he played 102 games with the Angels, a career-high number.

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