Finally Juan Soto jersey number is……..

Following his sensational MLB trade, New York unveiled Juan Soto’s new uniform number as the former Padres star got settled in.

Yankees to acquire All-Star Juan Soto in blockbuster trade: reports

The 2023 offseason has seen advancements for the New York Yankees. Specifically, the Yankees improved their squad by acquiring former Padres left fielder Juan Soto in a major MLB transaction. The group has made an effort to extend their welcome to Soto as he gets ready to embark on a new adventure in New York. At last, his jersey number is known.

Is it possible for Juan Soto to leave his mark as #22 in New York history books from his Yankees days?

The decision to retain his number makes sense because the gifted left fielder previously worn #22 with the Padres. Maybe in New York, his number will become legendary. He will definitely become a fan favorite if his output from his San Diego days remains the same or rises.

In 2023, Soto had a career-high 162 appearances for the Padres. With an OPS of.930, the 25-year-old hit 35 home runs, had 109 RBI, and batted.275 on average. According to ESPN, the last two of his stats were among the top ten in the MLB.

In addition, Soto’s tenacity and outstanding play contributed to the Padres’ winning record. Los Angeles won 82–80. The club did not, however, make the playoffs.

Naturally, Soto wants to assist the Yankees exact revenge for what happened to them in the previous several seasons. New York ended 2023 with a record identical as the Padres. The Yankees also failed to qualify for the postseason. In 2024, NY hopes to emerge from the AL East.

As MLB transactions continue to come in tiny packages, what other moves will the Yankees make to bolster their team? It’s said that Yoshinubo Yammato will be the next well-known person to arrive in New York. We learn less the longer the offseason lasts.

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