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NEW YORK: With both hands gripping the brim of his new Yankees cap, Juan Soto leaned back in his chair and grinned broadly.

Juan Soto

“It fits different when I put this Yankee hat on,” Soto remarked.

In his first public remarks since being traded from the Padres to the Yankees in a blockbuster Winter Meetings trade, Soto was holding his inaugural press conference on a Zoom call with reporters on Tuesday night.In a perfect season, winning a championship is what I think. Come over here and play good ball, try to do my job and help this team win as much as we can, that’s the mindset. The superstar outfielder gushed about his new opportunity to suit up in pinstripes. Soto made it clear that he’s elated about his chance to play in front of Yankees fans — especially the Dominican community in the Bronx.

Soto contributes skills across generations. One of the world’s greatest hitters, the outfielder is a phenom who is headed for the Hall of Fame this season. Now that he and Aaron Judge are sharing the outfield and the middle of the order, they could establish one of the greatest position player tandems in team history.

About Judge, Soto remarked, “It’s going to be amazing.” He was among the guys who contacted me following my trade. Man, it’s going to be really exciting. Observing him play the outfield and hit will be entertaining. While I’m there, I’ll try to play with his mind and take in the moment.

@JuanSoto25_ It’s real now.

— December 13, 2023, Yankees Videos (@snyyankees).

Even though Soto’s arrival in 2024 is expected to push the Yankees toward a World Series berth, his contract situation was the unspoken issue in the Zoom room. Knowing that Soto is a one-year rental, the Yankees traded five players for the three-time All-Star, along with outfielder Trent Grisham. Soto, along with

Every question that was posed from a different perspective received the same response from Soto.

He remarked, “Right now, getting to know the guys and the team is my top priority.” “They know who to talk to and where to call with any contract-related questions. I’m here to engage in some baseball.

It’s possible that Soto will play for the Yankees for the remainder of his career. That might be an alluring choice for the outfielder, depending on how the forthcoming season plays out. However, this 25-year-old is aware of his value, and with Boras on his side, he realizes that it will be financially advantageous for him to take his talents to free agency the following winter, allowing other teams, like the Mets, to outbid the Yankees for his services.

Given that Shohei Ohtani was able to sign a 10-year contract worth $700 million with the Dodgers, Soto is in a strong position to set a record with a contract of his own, probably worth more than $500 million.

When asked if his new teammates on the Yankees could do anything to persuade him to stay put and avoid a situation where another team comes in and takes him off the books, Soto firmly stated that it is not their responsibility.

Soto declared, “We’re here to make friends, build strong relationships, and try to be out there and play good baseball.” That, in my opinion, is the last topic they will discuss. All we have to do is go talk about winning championships and baseball outside.

The Yankees know that in 2024, Soto will improve them, that much is certain. Despite the short porch looming in right field, Soto has put up impressive numbers in a small sample size at Yankee Stadium, calling it a great ballpark and a place where he feels comfortable. The outfielder has no plans to alter his approach. He is an experienced batter capable of inflicting damage on any field.”There’s no need to modify [my strategy],” Soto declared. “I believe I will be attempting to accomplish the same goal, and I will be happy to pull the ball and hit it that way if given the opportunity.” But I think I’m going to try to play to my strength, which is clearly left-center.



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