‘Cowards!’ Dallas Cowboys at Buffalo: Bills Support Coach Sean McDermott After 9/11 Controversy

‘Cowards!’ Dallas Cowboys at Buffalo: Following the 9/11 controversy, the Bills back coach Sean McDermott


FRICO – Following a report that surfaced last week that claimed head coach Sean McDermott had used the 9/11 terrorist attacks as an example of teamwork during a 2019 pep talk to the team, the Buffalo Bills supported McDermott both on the field and in the locker room.

That story was published the night before the Bills’ victory-filled game against Kansas City. It was frequently brought up in the post-match locker room, with different players expressing their willingness to “have coach’s back.”

One seasoned player, Ed Oliver, went one step further and referred to the teammates who leaked the information as “cowards.”

Oliver said, “I think that’s a bunch of (bleep).” “I believe the person who leaked it is a coward. On everything, I got (McDermott’s) back. I am aware of his goodness. Actually, I know he’s a great guy.

QB Josh Allen stated:
This week, McDermott, who has his team at 7-6, will host the 10-3 Dallas Cowboys. He has expressed regret for his embarrassment over 9/11 and called the story “hurtful” and “an attack.”
“It was evidently an assault on my character, and that matters to me just as much, if not more, than victories and defeats,” Regarding the report, McDermott stated. “It’s crucial to me that you take care of yourself right away. It’s not to say that I’ve been faultless. It does not imply that I have been perfect. But handling this work correctly is what matters most to me, my family, and my children.

Following McDermott’s post-game remarks, general manager of the Buffalo Bills Brandon Beane addressed the crowd to reiterate the players’ opinions.
“Hey, this man is protected,” Beane remarked. “What a hard (bleeping) week.”




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