REPORT: The Cowboys’ matchup with the Bills is worse than their one with the Eagles.

The Cowboys’ matchup with the Bills is worse than their one with the Eagles.

Despite the fact that the Buffalo Bills are a much more concerning opponent and that this game presents more challenges in general than the Dallas Cowboys’ previous meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles and their once-leading record, there isn’t the same level of buildup surrounding this week’s game as there was for the Eagles’ eventual 20-point victory.

First, let’s talk about how Philadelphia was exposed for the second straight week. That’s not just relevant to how the season could go, but it’s also entertaining. The Eagles have avoided defeat in games that they really could have lost all season. As Cowboys fans will tell, luck was a major factor. Dallas forced three fumbles in their two games against their greatest division foe. In the first, the Cowboys fell short by only five points as Philadelphia recovered all three of the lost balls.

The strangely shaped ball consistently ended up in the hands of a Dallas defender in the second, leading to a 20-point victory that wasn’t really that close because the Cowboys controlled the game the entire time. The Eagles are still among the best teams in the league, but it’s starting to show that their 10-2 record at AT&T Stadium does not truly represent their abilities.

The Bills are only 7-6, but they have also encountered bad luck, as evidenced by their defeat by Philadelphia. They are fiercely competing to make the playoffs after an incredible victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. There is a lot more balance in the AFC than the NFC. The Eagles and the Detroit Lions now appear to be a meager second tier, while Dallas and the San Francisco 49ers have emerged as the best teams in their conference. Only the Minnesota Vikings have a winning record right now, out of the four. All other NFC teams are ranked lower.

500 at the start of Week 15. There’s a good chance that one or more of the NFC playoff clubs will finish with a losing record. And with Dallas, Philadelphia, and Detroit on the verge of making the playoffs, the 49ers became the first NFL team to guarantee a spot.

On the other hand, eleven AFC teams have winning records. However, aside from the Baltimore Ravens, none of them seem to be as good as San Francisco and Dallas in the NFC, and the Ravens themselves seem to be a step below those two teams. The Bills’ victory over the Chiefs last week gave them newfound momentum; they are now in the hunt for a postseason spot and, given all the tie breakers, have no margin for error. However, the Miami Dolphins’ loss last week keeps a slim chance of not only making the playoffs but also surpassing the Dolphins for the AFC East title.

(That probability is estimated at 23% by the New York Times playoff prediction, but their odds of at least a wild card are 49%. That indicates Dallas has a better than 99%, if not nearly 100%, chance of at least entering the playoffs. Gaining an advantage over Buffalo would be advantageous for them and provide more drive.)

The fact that Josh Allen, the quarterback for the Bills, is genuinely in the running for MVP alongside Dak Prescott and other quarterbacks, is one of the main variables in this game. Jalen Hurts is not at that level, as demonstrated last Sunday. For the Cowboys, Allen is a far more dangerous quarterback. He can create while moving and is nimble and difficult to take down. He has fumbled four times, giving the Cowboys defense an opening, and has been picked off just over once a game on average. Despite this, he is one of the top passers in the league, coming in second to Prescott in touchdown passes and ranking seventh in yards gained.


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