For the Steelers to defeat the Colts, three things must be…….

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If the Steelers beat the Indianapolis Colts in Week 15, they have a 56 percent probability of making the playoffs; if they lose, their chances are only 12 percent. This information comes from Pro Football Focus.

These three factors will help Pittsburgh leave Lucas Oil Stadium with an 8-6 victory and a chance to make the playoffs. This game is the most significant of the season thus far for the team.

1. Contain Zach Moss

Before Jonathan Taylor joined the squad again this season, Moss was the NFL’s leading rusher at one point. As a result of Taylor’s injury, Moss is once again the offensive team’s main weapon, and he’s been excellent in that capacity. At present, he has 751 rushing yards with an average of 4.3 yards per try. The Steelers, who rank tenth in defensive rush success rate, have been successful at stopping the run this season. I would have shouted something like, “Make Gardner Minshew beat you,” but the secondary responded, “Hold by beer,” when I mentioned Bailey Zappe. Either way, the Colts should only have one dimension.

2. Prevent big plays in the middle of the field

Targeting the middle is where Indianapolis excels, ranking 10th in the NFL but 27th in depth of target. The Steelers are playing a top 10 club in that statistic for the third time in a row, and the previous two teams devoured them. Additionally, the Colts enjoy circling Michael Pittman to force him to catch intermediate and shallow in-breakers. He converts those catches into large yards of yardage most of the time. These big plays in the secondary have to be curbed by the Steelers. Big completions from New England cut them up, and the Steelers have struggled to tackle this season (Week 13 being the most recent example). The Colts are among the top 10 scoring teams in the NFL despite not having any outstanding weapons.

3. Feed George Pickens

We may talk all we want about the way George Pickens has managed his feelings and how he might not be communicating his ideas in a way that is beneficial to the team. Having said that, he is correct when he claims he isn’t being used to his full potential. The Steelers are the NFL club that, more than any other, plays offensively from the tail and lives in dread. Hit Pickens with a few bullets. Last season, Mitch Trubisky had no trouble accomplishing it, and they had several deep shots that fell in (especially against the Panthers, Browns, and Ravens). This really talented receiver was recruited for a reason, and that reason went beyond just having him run hitch patterns and catch screens—give him a couple nine


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