INJURY REPORT: Palace reports injury after the draw with city

Man City 2-2 Crystal Palace: Eagles pull off an incredible comeback led by Michael Olise, denting Pep Guardiola’s team in the title chase.

I’m guilty of thinking Manchester City won this. On the ball, lazy, off the ball, lazy. Is that what complacency is all about?

Although he disagrees, Pep Guardiola, who has recently stood up for his players, is seeing the history makers work together to discover innovative ways to score points in circumstances where it seems nearly impossible.

By the time the champions return from the Club World Cup, Liverpool may lead City by 12 points. That trip on Saturday night to Jeddah must have been incredibly peaceful. You get the feeling that City would benefit more from FIFA’s desert jamboree, but others could counter that it will serve as a diversion from domestic issues.

Guardiola attributed the loss to carelessness, saying, “We are not consistent enough to close the games.” Although it appeared as though they didn’t go for it enough, he believes they went for it too much.


Once more, it was Crystal Palace. Palace, who have achieved just one noteworthy outcome since September. Palace, whose management was forced to issue an apology after criticizing the supporters. Palace, who had a group of children and lost half of their team.


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