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A few days ago, we talked about the financial element of Joe Flacco, the new starting quarterback for the Browns, and his one-year contract with Cleveland. Let’s now examine the duration of Flacco’s most recent contract. As per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Flacco is just on a one-year contract in order to maximize his leverage in free agency and play the following season, according to Flacco’s agent Joe Linta.

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To restate, Flacco has a lucrative contract with many incentives that may pay him up to $4.05 million. The majority of the money is based on wins. Flacco receives an extra $75,000 for each victory during the regular season, and that amount rises with each postseason round. Even while Flacco is undoubtedly concentrated on winning every week, he is still thinking about the future. If the latter paragraph is accurate, Flacco, who is 38 years old, plans to play in the 2024 season.

Currently, a few teams’ starting quarterbacks have contracts that are about to expire. Kirk Cousins is playing for the Vikings under a contract year, while Baker Mayfield is a Buccaneers tryout player for a year. Josh Dobbs hasn’t impressed Minnesota thus far, and Nick Mullens isn’t expected to be the team’s quarterback of the future either. Although Kyle Trask, a previous second-round pick, is still under contract for another year, Tampa Bay decided to start Mayfield at quarterback this year. In all likelihood, these teams who have a starting spot available will be looking for players with greater long-term potential after they graduate from college. However, Flacco might be used as an option if neither team falls in love with anyone at their range of selections.

In more practical terms, some teams have been compelled to use backup quarterbacks this year. A few of those quarterbacks have contracts that are about to expire. As Ryan Tannehill’s contract is about to expire, the Titans appear determined to go forward with rookie second-round pick Will Levis and show little faith in Malik Willis. Along with the Commanders (Jacoby Brissett), Eagles (Marcus Mariota), 49ers (Sam Darnold), and Colts (Gardner Minshew), there are more teams with youthful starters whose backups are headed for free agency. The Seahawks and Saints are two other teams that have been forced to consider the value of a backup quarterback despite having established starters this season; both Drew Lock and Jameis Winston are in contract years.

It’s conceivable that several of those teams will sign their backups to further one-year contracts. One or more of them could possibly land a multi-year contract if they have a great relief performance. The selection of a backup quarterback is largely based on familiarity, therefore quarterbacks who are currently on a club will have an advantage. In any case, any of these teams could determine that Flacco is a better player than what they presently have on the roster after seeing what he is doing in Cleveland.

It’s ridiculous to assume that some NFL organizations were happy with their rosters after watching Flacco in the current campaign. As Jason La Canfora of The Washington Post reports, Flacco’s agent, Linta, was ferociously calling these front offices and banging the table for his quarterback, we saw many teams try to make it work with what they had on the roster following injuries to (or benchings of) quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Joe Burrow, Daniel Jones, Jimmy Garoppolo, Matthew Stafford, and Cousins.
Linta even acknowledges in an interview that he begged Jets general manager Joe Douglas to give his guy a chance. Linta remarked of the man, “I really couldn’t get anyone at the top to give him a shot.”

Even though Joe had a decent season (2022) with the Jets, it was inconsequential. Nothing was going for me. Nothing.
But eventually, the Browns responded, adding Flacco to the roster in an attempt to salvage their season and make the playoffs. Flacco led the Browns to another victory tonight while displaying the cool calmness of a 16-year veteran despite throwing three picks. He will most likely win himself another opportunity to play in 2024 if he continues on this current trajectory. On a comparatively tiny list of quarterbacks who have played into their forties, Flacco might be the next.

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