Injury updates for the Yankees: Carlos Rodón is out of the rest…

Almost perfect: Rodón throws no-hitter after HBP in 9th

Injury updates for the Yankees: Carlos Rodón is out of the rest…

Almost perfect: Rodón throws no-hitter after HBP in 9th

NEW YORK (AP) — Every press conference with Yankees manager Aaron Boone these days includes an injury report.

There are 12 different injured Yankees to contact, with each player at a different stage of rehab and recuperation.

Boone was asked for a quick update on starting pitcher Carlos Rodón on Tuesday afternoon, after discussing Harrison Bader’s comeback from an oblique strain and disclosing that right-hander Lou Trivino will need season-ending elbow surgery.

We’re at it again…

Rodón’s recovery from a left forearm strain has halted once more. The starter’s arm feels fine, and he’s eager to begin his throwing routine, but he can’t get rid of what began as a barking back and has evolved into a constant — and aggravating — impediment.

“He can’t get over the hump with the back,” Boone explained, prompting a slew of follow-up inquiries. “We’re having it looked at by others. He has to keep going through all of this, but getting him to where we need him to go hasn’t happened. So I’m just hoping to keep getting those answers.”


That’s the general impression I get from Rodón. The Yankees are looking for answers but have no firm plan in place.

Rodón is hurling. He threw a bullpen not long ago. However, Rodón’s stiff back is affecting his mechanics and, as a result, his effectiveness. He’s having trouble getting his body into the appropriate positions while throwing.

“It’s not pain, it’s just moving how he needs to,” Boone said. “He’s obviously a pretty dynamic, electric guy.” That’s the difficult part, and we’re trying to get as many eyes on it as possible to see what the course of action is.”

Rodón will eventually need to step up in live sessions. He’ll then begin a lengthy rehab assignment. Rodón missed almost all of spring training after injuring his forearm during his Grapefruit League start in early March.

He’s still not ready to return from the IL two months later. Rodón’s eventual Yankees debut is being pushed back farther this summer with each setback and postponement. His locker in the Yankees’ clubhouse at Yankee Stadium had been empty all season. With an injury that isn’t bothering the $162 million starter, it’s a wait-and-see situation.

“We’re getting some more doctors eyes on it and then how do we treat it?” Boone inquired. “Is it a continuous build and throw?” Is time off required? I don’t have much to say to you other than that we’re trying to figure out what the best course of action is to get over the hump.



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