Sad News: New York Yankees decided not to …

Former Yankee Mike Stanton and USA Today reporter Pete Caldera talked about why New York decided not to give Yoshinobu Yamamoto the same amount of money as the Dodgers on a recent episode of Bleav in The Bronx Podcast.

Red Sox have Yoshinobu Yamamoto as top priority
The Dodgers and Mets reportedly made an offer of $325 million to the Japanese superstar, while the Yankees only made a $300 million offer. Stanton discussed the reasons his previous team declined the other offers. You just paid him more for Gerrit Cole, despite the fact that he has never thrown a pitch in Major League Baseball. Stanton stated.

“I believe that was the Yankees’ sticking point; they paid Cole 324, and it took 325 for Yamamoto to sign with the Dodgers. You have to keep in mind that Gerrit Cole won a Cy Young award, and based on what you’ve told me, Cashman and the Yankees didn’t want to go over 300 or over that number.
Stanton also pointed out that Yamamoto is only 5’10”, whereas ace pitchers are usually taller than 6 feet.

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