Shocking: An Idea for A 4-Team Trade that Would Finally Get Dejounte Murray to the Lakers

With two weeks remaining before the NBA trade deadline, all eyes are back on the Los Angeles Lakers and their prize trade asset.

LeBron James' miss before the half summed up Los Angeles ...
D’Angelo Russell has recently had a spurt in production for the Los Angeles Lakers (24–23), but does that mean the Lakers are less likely to trade him or more likely?

If the Los Angeles Clippers aren’t sure Russell’s skill level translates to the postseason, they may decide to sell high. Postseason success is a top priority for a team that has LeBron James, particularly in light of the Lakers’ unexpected run to the Western Conference Finals the previous season.It’s a tempting opportunity to acquire guard Dejounte Murray from the Hawks. Being a dynamic scorer and a defensive upgrade over Russell, he could be sufficient to spark a 12-player, four-team juggernaut before the deadline.

LeBron James' miss before the half summed up Los Angeles ...

In this scenario, Max Christie, a promising young player, and future draft picks are acquired by the Washington Wizards, while the Brooklyn Nets reunite with their former All-Star guard, Dwyane Russell.

This is the argument for why, before the February 8 trade deadline, all four teams might consent to a blockbuster.

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