Good news for cubs in title race as 3 rival teams….

According to reports, one of the Chicago Cubs’ rivals is looking to trade more players, which suggests the Cubs may have less competition in their division.

The Chicago Cubs are well aware of the positive impact Craig Counsell can have on a team.

They will now have him in their dugout after witnessing him help the Mark Feinsand win the NL Central division three times and qualify for the playoffs five times.

It is anticipated that the Cubs will compete in the division this year. That was the front office’s and ownership’s stated objective. It was a major factor in their decision to offer Counsell the largest manager salary in MLB history.

Although they haven’t been able to sign the elite players they were hoping to sign when the offseason started, they have added enough players to field a competitive team.

The Brewers are reportedly starting to rebuild and are prepared to let go of some of their best players ahead of the 2019 season, which should provide a significant boost for Chicago as well.

“According to one source, Milwaukee might consider dealing closer Devin Williams, who has two years left on his contract before becoming a free agent. Willy Adames, a shortstop who will be a free agent at the end of this season, is another possible trade chip, according to Mark Feinsand of would be actions that change divisions.

After the 2020 season was shortened due to COVID-19, Milwaukee has placed first or second in the NL Central every year since 2017.

They’ve done a fantastic job of turning their young players into major league players by developing talent within their pipeline.

However, it would be challenging to overcome even with that robust development system if they didn’t have one of the league’s best relievers and didn’t move one of their hitters.

This would make it much easier for the Cubs to win the division and make the playoffs in the upcoming season—their first since 2020.

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