Just in; Lupategui to take over as cystal palace coach after…….

Many people thought Mauricio Pochettino was the ideal coach for Chelsea’s daring new chapter, but the club is facing extremely difficult times at Stamford Bridge due to unusual player turnover and transfer expenses.

In 2024, January and February concluded with a 4-1 loss at Anfield to Premier League leaders Liverpool and a 4-2 loss at home to Wolves.

Julien Lopategui – Football Lane

When asked about his future as head coach of the FA Cup fourth-round replay against Aston Villa, Pochettino responded, “I think we are all together in this and that’s important.”

“[The owners] sent me some excellent text messages. Naturally, I communicate with them and the sporting director on a daily basis.”

Whether or not that narrowly avoids the dreaded vote of no confidence, Roy Hodgson is one manager who seems to be in more trouble.

The veteran’s return to Crystal Palace has taken a bad turn, and he appeared to be on the verge of collapse after suffering a 4-1 thrashing at the hands of fierce rivals Brighton & Hove Albion.

Following Sheffield United’s 5-0 loss to Burnley, Paul Heckingbottom was fired. On December 19, Steve Cooper was fired by Nottingham Forest, becoming the second manager to resign this season. He was replaced by Nuno Espirito Santo, a former manager of Wolves and Spurs.

With the exception of Hodgson and Pochettino’s short odds, the rest of the betting market indicates a somewhat stable situation.

Due to his announcement that he will be leaving Liverpool at the end of the current campaign, Jurgen Klopp is currently ranked third in the odds.

After losing four straight Premier League games, Newcastle bounced back with an impressive victory against high-flying Aston Villa, which silenced critics of Eddie Howe.

Vincent Kompany’s chances of winning the relegation playoff are getting slimmer as Burnley appears to be losing the fight, but the former captain of Manchester City likely has enough credit after organizing an unexpected promotion the previous season.

Tottenham, who fired their manager for the first time in four seasons, is the team with the most appearances on this list. Newcastle, Chelsea, and Sunderland all make three appearances.

Parker’s departure in 2022–2023 came far too soon: the first Premier League manager is fired after 10.8 games on average. Paul Heckingbottom didn’t actually become the first manager to leave for the season until 14 games into 2023–24.

speculating on which manager will be fired first or next

Pay special attention to the wager’s title when placing a wager on the first manager fired in a Premier League season.

managers can leave on their own initiative or through “mutual consent” occasionally, which raises concerns about what exactly qualifies as being “sacked”.

“Next Premier League Manager to Leave their Club” is the official title of the bet, which removes a lot of the ambiguity surrounding what it means to be fired, released, let go, or to leave by mutual consent. For instance, it is extremely unlikely that Man City will fire Pep Guardiola anytime soon, but bookmakers believe he might depart during the club’s financial investigation.

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