Sadly, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be watching…..

Sadly, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be watching the Super Bowl alongside the rest of us. It’s Super Bowl week. However, after the Senior Bowl, we felt it was appropriate to revise our comprehensive seven-round 2024 mock draft, taking into consideration the standout performances of several of the Steelers’ best prospects.

Steelers reload in new 7-round NFL mock draft update

C Jackson Powers-Johnson, Oregon, won the first round.

Steelers 7-round mock draft update – Super Bowl edition - Yahoo Sports

The Steelers must upgrade at center, and Jackson Powers-Johnson is the best center available in this draft.

Round two: Texas’s DT T’Vondre Sweat

Third round: Florida State’s CB Renardo Green

Green is a physical man corner prospect who thrives off of competition and shows great footwork and hips.

WR Malik of Washington, Virginia, in the fourth round

Malik Washington is a fantastic slot receiver option for Pittsburgh, even though he might not make it until the fourth round after having a fantastic Senior Bowl week.

Round four: Notre Dame’s LB JD Bertrand


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