The Boston Celtics took the initiative to negotiate a deal with….

A deal made with a rival team in the Celtics’ division may result in one of the players they traded joining Boston via a buyout.

A day ahead of Thursday’s trade deadline, the Boston Celtics made a move to acquire Xavier Tillman from the Memphis Grizzlies.

Celtics 'Strongly Expected' To Strike Deal Before Trade Deadline

As explained in-depth while dissecting the 245-pound, six-foot-eight player’s game, the financial components of the situation, and having a discussion inside According to dunks and, Brad Stevens, the former Michigan State Spartan, is in the 99th percentile in defensive estimated plus-minus. The Celtics had a conversation about this topic with the team’s president of basketball operations.

Celtics 'Strongly Expected' To Strike Deal Before Trade Deadline

In addition to his skill as a passer and high IQ player, 25-year-old Tillman is expected to contribute more offensively to the team leading the NBA in points with a 39-12 record following a 125-117 victory over the Atlanta Hawks.

,Boston gave priority to signing the three-year veteran in order to improve their depth behind Kristaps Porzingis and Al Horford, but the Celtics are still free to make additional moves.
They have their first-round draft capital from even after trading for Tillman, which included sending the Atlanta Hawks a 2027 second-round pick and the Dallas Mavericks a 2030 second-round selection with Lamar Stevens.

2024-2027 et quatre choix pour la deuxième ronde de 2024-2026.

They might also decide it’s better to wait until after the trade deadline and sign someone on the buyout market.

2024–2027 as well as four 2024–2026 second-round selections.

They might also determine that it’s preferable to sign a player on the buyout market and wait until after the trade deadline.

On Thursday, a possible choice was moved from the Toronto Raptors to the Utah Jazz. Kelly Olynyk and Otto Porter Jr., two players in whom Boston was rumored to be interested, were involved in a trade that unexpectedly sent the former to a team that was not in the postseason picture despite interest from multiple playoff parties.

The Jazz are 26-26 and tenth in the West, while the Raptors are 18-33 and ranked 12th in the Eastern Conference. Danny Ainge, the latter’s CEO of Basketball Operations, is putting the team’s future first and working to grow it into a title contender. That might result in



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