Buyout saga as Boston Celtics signs veteran after Xavier Tilman’s…

Not many people anticipated the Boston Celtics to make a big impression at the 2024 trade deadline, even with one of the best starting lineups in the NBA.

On Wednesday, February 7, team president Brad Stevens announced a small trade for 6-foot-8 power forward/center Xavier Tillman of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Though Tillman gives Boston’s frontcourt depth much-needed depth, Celtics supporters will enjoy the passion he brings—especially considering his recent spat with Kyrie Irving, the team’s former guard.

The player that Celtics supporters love to detest is Irving. Irving is the most despised Celtics opponent in history, if Bill Laimbeer, the former centre for the Detroit Pistons, isn’t.

Before the 2017–18 season, the Boston Celtics acquired Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers in a trade that included fan favourite Isaiah Thomas. Irving played with the Celtics for two seasons.

There was a burst of applause when Irving, who is currently with the Dallas Mavericks, announced to Celtics season ticket holders that he will re-sign with the team during their first meeting at TD Garden. After a difficult couple of seasons with the franchise, Irving left via free agency two years later to join the Brooklyn Nets.

Irving is not well-liked by Celtics supporters, who boo him savagely every time he plays in Boston. They will adore Tillman for his conversation with Irving following Tillman’s shot-blocking of Irving’s last month.

Tillman was heard instructing Irving to “get that (expletive) outta here” after blocking the shot in the video, which was widely shared on X.

Irving answered, “You feel good about that (expletive)? You are unable to protect me.

Irving proceeded to assert he “was built for this (expletive)” and that Tillman couldn’t guard him while he was at the free-throw line.

Tillman concluded the discussion with a straightforward “Let’s do it.” Tillman finished with 14 points and 11 rebounds in just 27 minutes as the Grizzlies and him destroyed the Mavs 120-103.

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