Sad new: Forest to face points deduction say Richard Masters..

Richard Masters, the CEO of the Premier League, has sought to elucidate his remark on “small clubs” in relation to profit and sustainability rules (PSR).

Along with Everton, which was already docked ten points for the season after being found guilty of a single PSR violation, Forest was also charged with one last month. A short time after it was revealed that the two clubs had allegedly broken PSR, the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport questioned Masters over football governance.

In response to a question regarding the disparity in timeliness over the 115 charges against Manchester City, which are still pending, Masters informed the committee, “I’ve said standard directions for everybody – not just the’small clubs.'” Committee chair Dame Caroline Dinenage responded to this reaction, however Masters has attempted to rephrase his remarks, stating that he does not view Forest as a “small club.”

“First, you asked about whether a distinction is made between ‘big’ and’small’ Clubs within the Premier League,” said Masters in an email to Dame Caroline Dinenage. You may remember that I was posed a question by a committee member who referred to certain clubs as “big Clubs” in an attempt to raise doubts about their capacity to employ the legal system to make sure that lawsuits “take ten years or never come to fruition.”

In my response, I made sure to underline that all clubs are subject to the Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSRs) of the Premier League. Moreover, I’m pleased to clarify that, although clubs might be distinguished using a variety of methods, the Premier League does not employ any of these standards or classifications.

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