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According to Tutan Reyes of Behind the Mask, the Chiefs’ formula for defeating the 49ers is to repeat their victory over the Ravens.

The Kansas City Chiefs have everything they need to defeat the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, starting with their AFC Championship victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

It’s amazing that the Chiefs were able to limit the Ravens’ rushing total to 81 yards considering how strong of a running game Baltimore had all season. On Behind the Mask, Tutan Reyes and Takeo Spikes talk about both teams’ run games and how the Chiefs need to repeat their performance against the Ravens in order to win the Super Bowl.

I think that’s awesome that you mentioned the running game, dude. Here’s the thing, though. Chris McCaffrey has a talent unlike any other, so I believe he will succeed. A few episodes back, we had him up for Offensive Player of the Year with the BTM team awards. Additionally, if the 49ers’ offense can be limited to even half of what it was against the Ravens and in the AFC Championship by the Chiefs’ defense. The Ravens’ total ground yardage was just 81 yards through rushes.

via Behind the Mask, Tutan Reyes

Against the Ravens, the Chiefs accomplished something that most other teams were unable to. That also applies to the 49ers, who Baltimore embarrassed.

The Chiefs managed to completely impede the Ravens’ run game, which was among the best of the entire season, thus eliminating a significant portion of Baltimore’s offensive capability.

The 49ers could experience the same thing. The Chiefs could win their third Lombardi Trophy in the previous five years if they can stop Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel’s design play runs.

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