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Trent Williams’ cancer scare: How the 49ers’ overtime player overcame a malignant growth on his scalp to win the Super Bowl

49ers injury updates: Trent Williams could miss time with a groin injury -  Niners Nation

When the 49ers play the Chiefs in Super Bowl 58, Trent Williams will participate in a Super Bowl for the first time in his career.
Williams was a key player in San Francisco’s championship winning campaign. The 35-year-old was excellent all season long and is regarded as one of the NFL’s top left tackles.

Even more astounding than Williams’ incredible performance is the fact that he is actually on the field. Why? because while he was living in Washington, he had a cancer scare.
Williams developed a possibly fatal rare form of cancerous growth on his scalp. He wondered if he would ever be able to play football again after that.
Five years later, Williams is competing on the biggest stage in the NFL and could win his first Super Bowl ring. He’s determined to cherish every moment he spends getting ready for the big game.

Williams admitted to ESPN, “I’ve definitely taken it in.” “I’m still processing it. I simply give thanks to God every day for this is what you strive for, what you pray for, and what you dream of. I’ve spent innumerable hours in the lab honing my craft and improving in order to have the chance to reach this point. I’m so appreciative to be here and I’m enjoying every moment.”

The explanation of Trent Williams’ cancer scare
While still playing for the Washington Redskins in 2019, Williams received a rare form of scalp cancer diagnosis.
After learning of his diagnosis, he disclosed that his life was seriously in jeopardy and that his doctors were considering his “last days” while they looked into possible treatments.
“I put on the helmet each and every time I enter a locker room. “I remember that moment when Doc told me to get my affairs in order,” Williams recalled, as she stated on the Third and Long Podcast.


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