Justin Jefferson, a star for the minnesota vikings could he return back to……

Justin Jefferson Sends Vikings 2-Word Message on His Future

Two Words from Justin Jefferson Regarding His Future with the Vikings
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Two Words from Justin Jefferson Regarding His Future with the Vikings
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Written by Trevor Squire Revised at 12:56 PM on February 9, 2024

Kirk Cousins, Justin Jefferson, and the Minnesota Vikings The Minnesota Vikings’ Justin Jefferson, number 18, and Kirk Cousins, number 8.
All four of Justin Jefferson’s Minnesota Vikings seasons have been perfect dates.

He has been patiently waiting for the Vikings to give him the biggest salary of any wide receiver in the NFL.

He has made all the correct statements, and when he was in Las Vegas during Super Bowl Week, national media pundits questioned him about any indications that the Vikings were frustrated.

However, the Vikings need to pay the bill since it’s on the table.

On February 8, Jefferson stated, “I’m waiting,” on “The Rich Eisen Show.” Like you, I’m searching for the bag. I’m waiting on the call from my family so I can go through it. It has the power to change lives. I’m holding out for it.

Conversations, conversations, conversations. We’re making an effort to communicate clearly and remain in agreement. I’m sure it will happen. I’m not rushing at all. As I’ve stated all season, my first priority is football. I’m aware of my worth and what I’m going to receive,” Jefferson declared. “I believe I’m surrounded by the right people and have a strong support system to ensure I’m getting everything I need and nobody is taking advantage of me.”


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