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Even prior to the trade deadline, the Boston Celtics have been the NBA’s greatest team all season long. With the acquisition of teenage prospect Jaden Springer and additional big man depth in Xavier Tillman, the Celtics enjoyed a successful trade deadline. The Celtics would be wise to seek Thaddeus Young and/or Danilo Gallinari now that the buyout market season has begun.


The Celtics don’t really need any more depth, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little more before what they anticipate to be a lengthy postseason run. They might use their available roster space to convert a two-way contract player like Neemias Queta. However, it would be prudent for them to try and enlist additional assistance from veterans.


Arguably, the greatest player available for a buyout is Gallinari. After being traded, he joined the Detroit Pistons, although he only appeared in a few games before being cut. A combo forward with flexibility, Gallinari can fill in as the small forward backup. Sam Hauser presently occupies that position, but Gallinari would provide the Celtics with a more seasoned choice.


After missing the entire previous season due to an ACL injury, Gallinari made his comeback this season. With the Atlanta Hawks, he had been averaging double figures before then. Despite having lower scoring totals this season, he was still shooting well in the limited time he spent with the Pistons. He shot 58.3 percent from three point range and 54.5 percent from the field through six games.


The Celtics will face some competition as a few teams are expected to show interest in Gallinari. But maybe a championship-caliber squad and a pivotal position would be enough to lure him in.

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