Ravens’ Kyle Hamilton, Kyle Van Noy confident they’ll bounce back in….

Although the Baltimore Ravens were the AFC’s top pick to win the Super Bowl, experience overcame the disadvantage.

Ravens' Kyle Hamilton, Kyle Van Noy confident they'll bounce back next year  after they 'choked' in title game | Fox News
With two-time MVP Lamar Jackson leading them, the Ravens lost their most crucial game of the season and saw their season come to an abrupt end.
Rather, the Kansas City Chiefs continue to rule the AFC, winning four Super Bowls in a row.
Baltimore finished the regular season with a 13-4 record and the top seed, but they were unable to advance to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

Instead of getting ready for the big game, Ravens players Kyle Hamilton and Kyle Van Noy traveled to Vegas for media visits.
Hamilton stated that he had a good reflection of the season.
“I’m here for two days now. I have produced numerous media. In a recent interview, Hamilton told Fox News Digital, “It’s the same question.” “But I think it’s something to look back on and be proud of, for sure.”Though we obviously didn’t get the desired outcome, we were among the final four of thirty-two teams who entered the season believing they would win the Super Bowl. To truly be just one game away, engage in a match where I believe we

“It is regrettable. It’s awful. Although I detest discussing it, the facts stand. You just have to accept it and go on.”
Like his All-Pro teammate Hamilton, Van Noy has an inner optimism.
“I thought it was fantastic. I loved coming to work every day because I got to play with such a creative and entertaining group of musicians. Though it wasn’t always that way, our group was unique. We had the league’s best defense.However, in the most important game of the quarter, we simply didn’t perform well.”

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