Could the defending champion Chiefs be the Ravens’ first opponent in….

The Kansas City Chiefs’ next opponent in their Super Bowl defense may be the Baltimore Ravens

The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, 25-22 in overtime, to keep Tiffany silver, officially giving the 31 NFL teams that finished the 2023 season without a championship another shot. As Kansas City rejoices, everyone else can concentrate on the next season, which kicks off at Arrowhead Stadium in

September with a Thursday night matchup against Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Andy Reid, and other opponents.

The defending Super Bowl champion has usually hosted a well-known opponent for the NFL Kickoff Game, with very few exceptions. The Baltimore Ravens, who defeated Kansas City in the AFC championship game to secure a Super Bowl berth, are among the teams scheduled to visit Arrowhead Stadium in the autumn. Are they the most appealing choice for responding to the invitation?

The Saints don’t exactly appear to be a squad prepared for one of the most esteemed prime time slots in the NFL. The one exception was an early Monday night game versus division rival Carolina; the other two of their nationally televised games were moved to streaming. The Saints are arguably the least likely option to start the championship defense because franchise face Alvin Kamara

is likely headed for retirement and there is little possible enmity with an interconference opponent.

This most likely would have been the case as recently as two years ago. As the only club (so far, at least) to defeat the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, Tampa Bay has enough firepower left over from that game (Chris Godwin, possibly Mike Evans) to make it a nostalgic sell. Tampa Bay, which also won the NFC South and a playoff game, is wrapping up an unexpectedly successful season. However, one specific departure—that is, one wearing the No. 12—will most likely prevent the Bucs from playing in Week 1.



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