Tom Brady Takes Exception to NFL’s Suspension……

Tom Brady shared his opinion of Steelers safety Damontae Kazee being suspended without pay for the rest of the season on Monday following his illegal hit on Colts receiver Michael Pittman Jr. during Saturday’s game. However, the former quarterback’s comment on SportsCenter’s Instagram post of the news definitely shocked some fans. Brady essentially argued that if quarterbacks threw better passes, then situations like these illegal hits could be avoided.

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“Nobody likes seeing players get hurt. But hard hits happen,” Brady wrote. “QBs should not be throwing the ball in areas where they are exposing their own teammates to these types of hits.” “Coaches need to coach better, QBs need to read coverages and throw the ball to the right places and defenders should aim for the right hitting areas,” Brady added. “To put the blame on the defense player all the time is just flat out wrong. Need better QB play!! It’s not O.K. QBs to get your WRs hit because of your bad decisions!”

Newly retired defensive end J.J. Watt, who has also been very vocal with his football opinions, replied to Brady’s comment with a praying hands emoji, meaning he likely agreed with the statement. Kazee’s ejection from Saturday’s game came in the second quarter when Pittman dove for a deep ball and was completely defenseless when Kazee threw his shoulder into the wideout’s head. Pittman was ruled out with a concussion.

The seven-year veteran has been fined five times this season alone for instances of unnecessary roughness. The NFL stated that Kazee was suspended after “repeated violations of playing rules intended to protect the health and safety of players.”


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