Mahomes family continued their celebrations at….

Following the Kansas City Chiefs’ spectacular 2024 Super Bowl victory, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes took their young family on a memorable trip to Disneyland. Brittany shared pictures of their trip to the well-known theme park on Instagram, showcasing the happy moments.

The Mahomes family was beaming, their hands tenderly resting on their two little ones, three-year-old daughter Sterling Skye and fourteen-month-old boy Patrick “Bronze” Lavon III, against the backdrop of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

photographs posted on social media
The children’s excitement at meeting their favorite Disney characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, was captured in the pictures, which perfectly captured the magic of the occasion. The Mahomes family carried on with their festivities in Disney after the Chiefs’ exciting Super Bowl triumph, where they luxuriated in the title splendor.

“The day after the Super Bowl Win, grind for Mom and Dad, best time ever for Sterling and Bronze,” Brittany sent an email to

To Sterling Skye, happy birthday! My [heart emoji] is you! Give up on maturing so quickly!” Written by Patrick.

In an overtime thriller, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25–22 to win their second straight Super Bowl.



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