Hot news from Detroit Tigers Spring Training Notes Day :

Here is a recap of Day 2 of the Detroit Tigers Spring Training from MCB, who is on the ground in Lakeland.

The pitchers were the main attraction today.

Hinch went on to talk about right-hander Wilmer Flores, who was added to the 40-man roster and seems to have lost weight during the offseason.

“Count leverage, weaponry, manner, and aggressiveness in approach are what separate Wilmer when he’s performing well in the minors from Wilmer when he struggles.Hinch remarked, “Gotta get him to use it in the box.”

“He’s going to learn a lot, he feels like he should have been here before (being selected to the 40-man), and he would have been if he would have thrown more strikes, and I think all he needs is that challenge, and work on refining his skills, he’s closer than he thinks” .

Detroit Tigers Spring Training backfield batting practice.

As the week progresses, Hinch will still match pitchers against each group. Watch the Detroit Tigers Spring Training action closely as we bring you coverage of Day 3.

Since we’ve got people on the ground for Spring Training, be sure to review the Day 1 notes as well to stay up to date on the most recent news from Lakeland.

The headline “midseason form” emerged as Javier Baez faced up against right-hander Mason Englert.

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