Just in: Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles in jeopardy of being fired…

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles in jeopardy of being fired

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With the Buccaneers suffering an ugly fourth straight loss, many are questioning if Todd Bowles is under pressure. This team’s loss was simply devastating. It could get ugly if you lose, but if you win, you still have a chance to win the division. This Bucs team could become ugly because they just suffered the worst possible loss.

I am aware that Bowles’ inability to select his own players has hindered him, particularly in the last year when he was brought in as Bruce Arians announced his resignation late in the off-season. But will the Glazers notice this losing streak enough? Against a defense led by Todd Bowles, rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud of the Texans passed for 5 touchdowns and 475 yards, setting a rookie record. Though you have to ask if Bowles and the rest of the coaching staff’s judgments were the real issue, a lot of the criticism should fall on the players for allowing the Texans to flame them throughout the game.


Since Bowles was brought in, this Bucs defense has excelled at man coverage. When they are in man coverage, Carlton Davis and Jamel Dean perform at their best. Regretfully, zone coverage has increased significantly in recent times. You must utilize each player’s advantages. I am aware of Dean’s injury, but not just McCollum, Dean’s replacement, but the entire secondary appeared to be out of commission. Davis might have had the worst as well the match of his career. Even yet, there seems to be no justification for conceding so many yards, particularly to a rookie quarterback.

The play-calling was not particularly good offensively. Yes, the Bucs scored 37 points, but I think there were a lot of opportunities that were lost. When players are going free downfield, I saw a number of throws to the flat; Mayfield needs to see those open receivers. It’s extremely frustrating to try running the ball in a position where you could win the game but it’s obviously not working, especially with guys like Chris Godwin and Mike Evans available. With 49 seconds remaining in the game, Bowles called a time-out. I hate to say it, but Bowles has struggled to control the clock both this and last season. I frequently find myself doubting his choices. This is from while he was living in New York. Don’t get me wrong, Bowles is an excellent defensive coordinator, but as a head coach, he hasn’t shown much potential.

If this club is to win the division, they have a lot of work ahead of them. The Bucs’ continued losing skid makes the division title seem increasingly improbable. Although it’s still conceivable, you have to question if the coaching staff will alter following a defeat of that magnitude.


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