So sad: Patrick Mahomes departure from Kansas City Chiefs due to….

Patrick Mahomes departure from Kansas City Chiefs due to ankle injury

During the Kansas City Chiefs’ run to Super Bowl glory, Patrick Mahomes acknowledged that his damaged ankle is still “not 100 percentDespite his injured ankle, Patrick Mahomes made an incredible rush for a first down in the fourth quarter or Super Bowl LVII.”


The Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38–35 in a thrilling game that will go down as a franchise classic back in February. With just eight seconds left, kicker Harrison Butker sealed the Chiefs’ thrilling victory, which was spearheaded by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who completed passes for 182 yards and three scores.

Despite suffering a severe ankle sprain, Mahomes showed remarkable fortitude by leading the Chiefs to victory. In just six tries, he gained 44 yards of total yardage, including a pivotal 26-yard gain during the game-winning fourth-quarter drive. In the NFL playoffs Divisional Round versus the Jacksonville Jaguars, the 24-year-old was diagnosed with a Grade 2 sprain.

Mahomes said, “It’s been more about just kind of managing it, getting the mobility back as best I can.” “I wouldn’t say I’m perfect, but I haven’t necessarily encountered any obstacles. Simply put, during the grueling week of training, you want to make sure you’re still building even when you’re pushing yourself to get through the recovery period.

“We’ve done a tremendous job pushing it to the correct limit so that now I’m throwing and everything like that and having no limits there, although you could be a little sore on the weekends. I’m pleased with where I’m at, but I think there will still be some restrictions on my ability to run and cut over the next few weeks. We’ll keep working to get me in the ideal position for the start of the season.”

When Mahomes was tackled by Eagles linebacker T.J. Edwards in the second quarter of the Super Bowl, he gained nine yards on the rush. The Chiefs star’s right ankle, which he sprained three weeks prior, seemed uninjured at first. While backup quarterback Chad Henne warmed up, Mahomes writhed in agony and rose slowly, only for the Super Bowl MVP to galvanize his squad with a valiant display. The 27-year-old has had two months to recuperate since then, and he thinks positive strides have been made.

“It seems like the foot was a much more serious injury than the ankle has been,” Mahomes continued. The cast and the operation on my foot severely limited my range of motion. I had to really work through that into the following year’s season. I think we’ve made great progress with the ankle, especially in the last few weeks.Regarding the edema, it has now subsided, and I no longer experience the same level of soreness as I did after a few days of work. With the progress we’ve made over the past several weeks, I’m confident that there won’t even be a doubt when we get to training camp.

We’re going to keep working at OTAs. Since I’m not moving around a lot, I don’t think there will be any restrictions on reps or anything like that. However, we will keep up the rehab process to ensure that by the time we get to training camp, I can just roll out there and feel totally normal.


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