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Premier League captain ‘attacked’ and threatened to be shot in violent brawl

Jamaal Lascelles, the captain of Newcastle United, was allegedly “attacked” by a group of men during a fight in the city center.
According to the Daily Mail, early on Sunday morning, August 20, Northumbria Police officers were summoned to an incident in Newcastle.
According to reports, Lascelles was out for the evening with his 19-year-old brother and a friend when a group of men “threatened to shoot.”
After Newcastle’s 1-0 loss to Manchester City, manager Eddie Hower gave the team a couple days off.

Premier League captain 'attacked' and threatened to be shot in violent brawl

According to the complaint, while the group was leaving a nightclub, the Englishman’s brother was unprovokedly attacked by elbowing him in the throat.

Additionally, a vodka bottle was purportedly thrown towards the defender, nearly missing his head.
The center back was allegedly attacked by “six to eight men,” who “punched him from all angles.”
According to reports, Lascelles was able to knock one of the men to the ground, but his companion was “knocked unconscious” and his brother was left bleeding from a punch.

According to reports, the attackers threatened to shoot the 29-year-old former England U21 international during the encounter.
According to the investigation, Lascelles acted in self-defense for the duration of the event.
Before the emergency personnel could arrive and take Lacelles’ companion to the hospital, the gang of men left the scene.
The incident that happened outside The Mile Castle Wetherspoons was captured on camera.

Later, Craig Hope, a reporter for the Daily Mail, established that the Newcaslte captain was, in fact, the one who started the fight.
Hope said that the event has been reported to Newcastle United, who are handling it internally.
Regarding the event, inquiries have been made to Newcastle United and Northumbria Police for a reaction.
Although Lascelles has been with the team since 2014, he has been connected to a transfer this transfer window from Tyneside.
Rumor has it that Besiktas of Turkey is interested in the defender.

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