Sad one: Patrick Mahomes regrets ever falling in love with…

Patrick Mahomes regrets outburst, calls it ‘not a great example for kids’

Patrick Mahomes Regrets Going Ballistic Over Penalty, 'It Was A Foul'

One day after he lost his temper over an offsides call that disallowed the game-winning touchdown, Patrick Mahomes was calmer about the way he handled the Kansas City Chiefs defeat and dealt with Josh Allen, the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.
“Dude, it happens. Mahomes stated on 610 Sports Radio, “It’s the NFL.” Things like that do occur. You must let go and go on. You obviously don’t want to respond in that manner. Man, I give a damn. I adore it. I want to go out there and give it all I’ve got to win because I love this game and my teammates. Of course, you can’t do that. That cannot be how you treat officials or anybody else in life.

A lateral touchdown pass from tight end Travis Kelce to wide receiver Kadarius Toney—who was called for having his foot above the line of scrimmage prior to the ball being snapped with fewer than two minutes remaining—was the play that set off his rage at referees and, indirectly, toward Allen. After the Chiefs turned the ball over on downs, Mahomes slammed his helmet to the ground, yelling, and was taken to the bench by teammates for restraint.

During their brief post-game handshake on the field, Allen received some collateral damage in the form of an angry and profanity-filled exchange. In videos that were circulated on social media, Mahomes called Allen the “wildest f—ing call I’ve ever seen.” “That play’s offensive offsides, man, it’s f—ing awful.”

Mahomes stated on Monday, “I probably regret acting that way, but more than anything, I regret how I treated Josh after the game because he was unrelated to it.” You can’t do that, dude; I was still hot and emotional. It sets a poor example for children who are watching the game. That hurt me more than the fact that I was sitting out.



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